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2-Way Economy

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27 December 2019

First World Serendipity Day in Breda, Netherlands

CI (Co-Intelligence)

E=PM² -> Outsmart Einstein with the Efficiency - Serendipity S-Curve

 for Beauty, Health, Safety, True Love...

 and a New Economy Bayzed on Deals, Fair Trade and Keeping your Word.

 See the World Trade Port

The early days of Serendipity were lonely. None knew its impact on R&D, Projects and Daily Life


Beauty,Health, Love, Sex

Alertness, Safety & Security

New Economy ( Savings, Merchant Banks, Large Scale Barter )

ROI , Opportunities , Discoveries, Quantum Leaps

Tunable Serendipity is with the Efficient

Alfred J. Bollebakker the Business Man, 3 of 666

He solved the Revelation code 666 given by Jezus to the apostle John in the cave of Patmos in the year 99. He did it 1900 years later in the year 1999 in 6 weeks in Etten-Leur, Van t'Hoffstraat 78 in Etten-Leur, The Netherlands.

His site is : Bayze International

Shirley & Corry